by Scott Goodacre

It was attended by 26 teachers from many schools and colleges across the country, with the purpose of the workshop being to introduce teachers to the benefits of running Use Of Maths as an A level. Use Of Maths has helped many students who might have struggled to cope with the traditional Maths A Level to continue their study of the subject at level 3 with a realistic chance of achieving strong results. Consequently, many have continued onto university courses where their study of the subject has proved useful.

The event was run by Michael Smith, Course Leader for Use Of Maths at HNC, and Claudia Broad, Head of Maths at OSFC. Michael said: “We introduced A Level Use Of Maths in 2009 and have found that offering this alternative level 3 course to students has not only helped their progression, but improved overall results in A Level Maths.

“The workshop we held last year was so popular we decided to run another this year at OSFC, but received so many applications to attend we decided to run an additional event at HNC. I’m pleased to say these events were equally successful and I hope we’ll be able to run similar events in the future.”

Delegates attended from colleges including Greenhead College, Oldham Sixth Form College, Wyke Sixth Form College, Leeds City College, William Howard School, Franklin College, Ripley Saint Thomas School, Rotherham College and Blackpool Sixth Form College.

Among the comments received from delegates after the event were:

“Modern and engaging course materials.”

“Really useful!”

“All very good.”

“A great afternoon!”

“Very informative.”

“A full day next time please!”

“Had a good feel to it – extremely useful.”

“Good overview of the course.”

89% of those attending said they would be interested in attending a future event.