Staff from Huddersfield New College enjoyed a weekend training course to prepare for their exploits with the college’s Duke of Edinburgh participants.

Duane Laverick, Stefan Holesz, Clive Morley and Janine Wadsworth visited Gearstones Lodge in the Yorkshire Dales, where they developed their skills in outdoor activities, mentoring/coaching courses and networking. Across three days, the staff battled the elements to take part in activities ranging from supervisor training, Expedition Assessment Accreditation, Advanced Mountain craft skills, teaching first aid, Advanced Navigation skills and Night Navigation skills.

The training will allow the participants to supervise groups during outdoors expeditions, including using maps, compasses and bearings as well as essential tasks such as using camping stoves.

The Duke of Edinburgh scheme is a fantastic opportunity that helps to develop young people for life and work, and students can get involved with it here at HNC. Email for more information!