It is that time of the year again when we are interviewing all Year 11 pupils in Kirklees, Calderdale and surrounding areas who want a place to study at the College in September 2017. Applications for a place at the College are up by over 300 this year and for the vast majority of these applicants, HNC is their first choice College for the next phase of their education. We asked our potential 2017 cohort what is it that made HNC stand out to them.

Here are a few of their reasons...

Isobel Fogg, who attends Bradford Academy, is applying to study History, Fine Art, English Literature and Religious Studies at A level. Isobel told us that she wants to study at HNC because she was impressed at the open evening with what the College can provide for her. Isobel was also excited by the freedom she will get by attending a dedicated sixth form college and was impressed by the friendly atmosphere.

Isabelle Dunkerley, who attends Shelley College, is applying to study History, Psychology, Biology and Government and Politics at A level. Isabelle really wants to study at the College because she was really impressed with the teachers she met at the open evening. She found them to be really approachable and was inspired by their enthusiasm for the subjects they taught. Isabelle also said that she believes that the College has all the right resources for her to do well in her studies.

Amy Fanturop, who attends Sowerby Bridge High School, is applying to study Business, Dance, and Textiles at A level. Amy wants to study at HNC because uniquely we offer the combination of courses that she wants to study and which will support her ambition to follow a career in design. Amy also said that she found the facilities to be really impressive and believes that she can really develop her design skills at the College.

Triffhena Davis, who attends Dixon’s Trinity Academy, Halifax, is applying for the Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care. Triffhena told us that her mum had studied this course and that this was a big reason for her choosing it. She also commented that the college was highly recommended to her by her friends and wider family, who all have a very high opinion of the College.

Rozam Bostan, who attends Halifax Academy, is applying to study Law, Religious Studies and English Literature at A level. Rozam told us that he wants to study at the College because he had received nothing but great feedback about the College from his friends and his family who had attended HNC. He mentioned that he was really impressed personally with the College when he attended the January opening evening. Rozam is also really excited about moving to a different environment to school for his post 16 studies.

Teddy Ali, who attends Tong High School, Bradford, is applying to study History, Law and English at A level. He wants to study at HNC because we stood out to him as better than anywhere else he had visited. Teddy said that both the facilities and the staff that he met were impressive. He also commented that he was impressed by the fact the College was the first sixth form college to receive an outstanding from Ofsted and that it is in the top 10% nationally for student progress, making it one of the best in the land.

Eva Goodall, who attends Ossett Academy, Wakefield, is applying for the Level 3 Diploma in Child Care and Education. Eva commented that she wants to study at HNC because of the positive atmosphere around campus and also because the college does the exact course that she wants to study. She also said that she has friends who have studied at the College who told her to apply because it is a really good place to study.

Aidan Yates, who attends Calder High School, is applying to study Government and Politics, History, English Literature and Classic Civilisation at A level. Aidan also said that he wants to come to the College because it offers all the courses that he wants to study. He also mentioned that he had heard great things about the College from a lot of different people and so factored into his decision was the fantastic reputation of the College.

Applications to the College for entry in September 2017 are now closed, but if you would like to make a late application or would like to make a fresh start at the College in September 2017, please CLICK HERE and provide us with your details, and we will be in contact with you shortly.