Over the past few months we have seen all our schools compete and showcase how amazing they are at many different events, for example the Year 1 boccia competition and basketball across all years. We are looking forward to the next year ahead with lots of things going on, hoping to increase the amount of participation and inclusion into a variety of sports. We are also pleased to announce that all the HNC schools will be attending the Strictly Pennine Dance Show and we look forward to seeing the amazing work done by all children and staff.



New College Sports Ambassadors have been out working in schools being involved in PE lessons and lunchtime clubs. This is a great way for the children to develop in sport and social skills as well as giving the New College student experience. Hopefully this will encourage the children to, not only be involved as a player, but become a responsible leader. Thank you to all the sports ambassadors!


Success of New College Teams in the Pennine Sports Hall Athletics Tournament!

New College schools have done really well in the Sports hall athletics competitions. Moorlands and Lindley have progressed from the partnership finals to the Kirklees Finals and will be competing in the West Yorkshire finals in March. Well done to all who competed through every stage.


Gifted and Talented Academy

This year 18 students were selected to attend the New College Gifted and Talented Academy. This ran over 6 weeks in the spring term for the Year 5 students to experience multi-skills activities to support their ability in sport. It was also a great opportunity for the students to meet new friends and use the college facilities and equipment. Opportunities in Basketball and Athletics have been offered to these along with a trip to the English Institute of Sport for our most able individuals!


New College pyramid in good attendance at the Pennine Gymnastics Festival

On 5th November 2016 the Pennine Sports Partnership held its second Gymnastics Festival at Huddersfield Leisure Centre. This is a fun, participation based festival which celebrates the gymnastics taking place in our local schools. The age of performers ranged from year 1 to year 10! Lindley Junior, Reinwood Junior and Moorlands Primary all performed fantastic routines with over 100 children involved. They demonstrated fantastic skills that have been developed at school. This was enjoyed by many parents who came to watch and support the performers. Roll on next year!


Year 1 Boccia

Back in November all Year 1 children at Lindley Infants, Reinwood Infants and Moorlands Primary had the opportunity to learn a Paralympic sport. The Partnerships inclusion officer, Carol Thompson, went into all 3 school and worked with all year 1 children teaching them the skills involved in Boccia. During these sessions some children were selected to attend a Boccia competition at New College. 6 teams attended the event with great results by all. Thank you to all parents and supporters, it was a great evening.