On Friday 17th March, Paula Colman from Millie’s Trust came in to College to provide a First Aid course to our students who are studying the Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care.

Students were taught how to provide CPR to adults, children and babies. They also learned how to put them into the recovery position, what to do if they were choking and how to handle adult seizures.

Health and Social Care students study a unit which looks at various aspects of health and safety in care settings, and one of the assignments in this unit requires students to consider accidents and emergencies, and emergency first aid care.

Emma Fisher Health and Social Care Teacher explains: “We try to ensure our students have as much practical experience as possible to underpin the theory. This training course gave them this first hand practical experience of emergency first aid care.”

One of the students involved in the training, Zonaira Younas, commented: “The First Aid training was really useful. We will all go on to work in care settings and knowing how to put someone safely into the recovery position, stop someone choking or give someone CPR could help to save a life.”

Millie’s Trust was set up by the parents of Millie Thompson, a young girl who died as a result of a choking incident. Their goal is to make sure that the general population know what to do in such a first aid situation.