On Wednesday 15th March, six of our brilliant AS Chemistry students gave of their personal time to take part in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s ‘Analyst Competition’, hosted by the University of Bradford.

Students Murriam Akram, Ivy Oldroyd, Hafsah Khalid, Hicham Daoud, Shashvat Barakin and Ayesha Ahmad formed two teams of three. They then competed in 3 practical chemistry investigations, which they had to plan, collect the data from and then analyse that data.

Competing against them in their heat were teams from Bradford Grammar and Elliot Hudson College.  

Our students really enjoyed participating in this challenging RSC competition, especially the opportunity it provided them with to work in a university science lab.

One of the students who represented HNC, Ivy Oldroyd, commented “I think we did really well. The Chemistry involved was harder than any we have done in AS Chemistry to date. The University lab was huge. It was really fun working in it. I’d definitely like to take part in this competition again!”

The organiser of the competition, Alexandra Stone, was delighted with how well all students engaged with the competition, and commended our students for their excellent conduct in the lab and for their impressive lab practice, which she said was better than some of her undergraduate students!

Next year, our students have their sights on the national competition.