On the 3rd May, the college welcomed top set year 10 pupils from Salendine Nook Academy to take part in a Maths and Physics workshop at the college.

In the Physics workshop, the pupils learned about how waves and resonance are used to solve engineering problems in the context of rocket launches and bridge construction. After watching a brief interview with the crew of Apollo 8, where the crew described the vibrations of their rocket during the launch of their mission to the moon, the pupils observed several practical demonstrations of resonating systems and stationary waves (topics from A-Level Physics) and used their measurements from these to calculate the speed of waves down the length of dry spaghetti. To conclude the workshop, pupils constructed model spacecraft out of the dry spaghetti and marshmallow, and then tested these to see if they would withstand being shaken at a range of different frequencies.

In the Maths workshop, the pupils gained a better understanding as to how their Year 10 skills in constructing graphs and in calculation were central to the topics studied in A Level Maths, and applied these techniques to a real-world problem in economics: investigating wealth inequality.  Students were able to mathematically confirm their belief that Sweden was a very equal society, and were surprised by their findings about equality in the United States and South Africa.

The aim of these workshop was to help the pupils understand more clearly what Maths and Physics are really like at A Level. The workshops were a great success and the pupils left happy and a lot more confident about Maths and Physics at A level.

If you would like your top set pupils in Year 10 to experience similar workshops at the college, please contact Ben Burgin on 01484652341 Extension 4656 or by e-mail to Ben@huddnewcoll.ac.uk.