On the 15th June, Games Design students showcased their work to their family, friends and prospective students interested in Games Design.

The event included the display of a selection of work from the games design course, such as:

2D and 3D games developed in the Games Engines unit (unit 70), using Autodesk Maya and UDK4

Digital Graphics from the Computer Games unit (unit 78), the unit which allows students to design and develop professional digital game characters 

3D Environments from unit 68, the unit where students are provided with an opportunity to design and develop a 3D environment using industry standard software

3D Animation (unit 67), a second year unit in which students create a 3D startup screen for a console of their choice, using Autodesk Maya, then create the animation, which is edited in Adobe After Effects 


From the development of the game concept, through to the realisation of the game itself, students are in full control of the games design process.


Daniel Evans, one of our specialist Games Design teachers, commented “This year’s exhibition was our best to date. Exceptional work was on display, from all areas of the games design process. It was abundantly evident from the work displayed, that a host of future game designers will be leaving HNC this summer. We wish them all the best in their future careers.”