For the last few months, students studying A Level Music at the college, have been working with a small group of pupils at Moorlands Primary School to help them to create an anthem for the school.

On Wednesday 28th of June, our Music students attended an assembly at Moorlands and performed for the whole school, finishing with the anthem as the show stopper.

Our students opened the assembly with 3 solo performances; Luke Bradley played the classical guitar, Eleanor Kinsey played the piano and Larissa Chapman sang a song from Toy Story 2 to the pupils delight.

Our students, and the pupils involved in the Anthem project, then taught the other pupils the anthem.  The lyrics were put together by the primary pupils, and their ‘Mighty Moorlands’ was a big part of the chorus!

Both staff and pupils really enjoyed learning the new anthem and after a few rehearsals everyone was singing it loudly together!

The A Level Music students who gave up their time to work on the project were Luke Bradley, Maegan Jones, Larissa Chapman, Erlina Dodds, Eleanor Kinsey and Isabella Rothwell.

Jo Love, Head of Music at the College, expressed her delight about the project, commenting, “The work with Moorlands to produce a school anthem has been a fantastic way to collaborate with the school, and hearing the whole school singing the song today was a brilliant way to end this collaborative project. Our students have really enjoyed working on their anthem and are looking forward to taking the project further next year, adding instrumentals to the anthem, and then hopefully making a video of the whole school both performing and singing the anthem for YouTube.”