On the 28th June, the College welcomed top set year 10 pupils from Salendine Nook Academy to take part in a Maths and a Physics masterclass.

 In the Maths masterclass, pupils took part in a code-breaking activity.  They had to solve a set of increasingly tricky ciphers, inspired by those our most able Year 12 mathematicians had been presented with to solve in this year’s National Cipher Challenge.  Great teamwork and some flashes of inspiration left all our secrets laid bare!

In the Physics masterclass, the pupils investigated links between mathematics and problem solving in Physics. After a quick review of straight line graphs, the pupils were presented with an A-Level Physics practical task that required them to make some careful electrical measurements, plot some graphs and then deduce the shape of a piece of electrically conducting paper that was partially hidden from view. Careful calculations and flashes of brilliance this time led them to determine the correct shape

All pupils involved found the masterclasses challenging as well as great fun.

If you would like your top set pupils in Year 10 to experience similar masterclasses at the college, please contact Ben Burgin on 01484652341 Extension 4656 or by e-mail to Ben@huddnewcoll.ac.uk.