Huddersfield New College works with two local bus providers to offer all students subsidised direct and convenient transport routes to and from College. This includes for the first time this year three subsidised express shuttle buses to and from the town centre.

This express shuttle bus service is priced at 50p per journey (free with a bus pass or Metro Card). It collects from Huddersfield Westgate at 8.05am, 8.30am and 8.45am and returns to town at 4.15pm, 4.25pm and 4.35pm. This is a direct service with no stops. Students with lessons starting at 9am are advised to catch the 8.05 or 8.30am shuttle because gasworks on New Hey Road are causing delays to this service.

Please note, public service buses (370, 371, 373) are not part of our subsidised service. Students who catch this bus either in the town centre or along New Hey Road will be required to pay full fare. 

The College endeavours to ensure that these bus services suit students, and that there are accessible pick up points. Following enrolment, these services are continuously assessed to ensure student demand can be met. Following our assessment and enrolment of a significantly increased number of students, the College is pleased to confirm that

  • The NC9 route which covers Earlsheaton, Dewsbury and Mirfield will return from Monday 2nd October in response to an increased number of students joining the College who live on this route 
  • Unfortunately this year long term, well established and successful routes have been dislocated by road works and gas works. Pick up times and routes have been adjusted accordingly, where it has been possible to do so
  • Each College bus service has a regular dedicated driver. Students are advised of any adjustments to pick up times or to route by their driver, and reminders are posted around College and promoted on social media

Principal Angela Williams comments: “We would like to thank students and parents for their patience during these first few weeks. We know that our subsidised bus service is crucial to our students travelling a distance to learn at the College, and we are working hard to ensure it meets their needs and supports their outstanding experience here at College. We genuinely hope the re-instatement of the NC9 will mean an improved college bus service for our students travelling from North Kirklees.”

To access the full bus timetable and route details, please click here.