Students at Huddersfield New College concluded Anti-Bullying Week with an event where students signed a giant 'HNC Pledge Against Bullying' display in reflection of how the College community lives by the value of 'everyone is different, everyone is equal.' 

During Anti-Bullying Week students took part in tutorial sessions where bullying was explored and discussed. Students were then invited to sign a smaller copy of the pledge within their groups in celebration of how as a community the College welcomes all and values individual differences. Huddersfield New College was named as the UK Organisation of the Year in the 2017 National Centre for Diversity Awards, in recognition of the College's commitment to ensuring everyone is treated fairly, with respect and dignity. 

Sonia Ross, Vice Principal, Student Support and Guidance comments: "We are very privileged to have such a vibrant and diverse College community. We actively seek to eliminate any form of inequality or discrimination by working with our young adults and helping them to understand how we can all do this as part of our everyday lives. This includes through helping students to understand the crucial importance of British Values. Anti-Bullying Week was a great success, with students taking part in some thought-provoking discussions about the unexpected forms bullying may take. The signing of the giant pledge was a great way to round off a week and will be displayed within our Reception area as a daily reminder of how as a college we genuinely believe 'everyone is different, everyone is equal' and reflect this in our behaviours and values on a daily basis."