The Sports department at Huddersfield New College offers a huge range of Sports based qualifications, ranging from single A Level equivalents and A Level PE to full time study programmes.

Whilst courses naturally include the physical aspects of sport, students also get to enjoy some unique experiences in and outside of College. Recently, A Level PE students got out of the classroom to take a trip around Huddersfield to explore some of the historical factors contributing to the development of sport.

The group visited local parks, public baths, factory sites, terraced housing where factory workers lived, and Edgerton, where mill owners resided on the ‘edge of town’. The trip enabled students to discuss how factors such as the Industrial Revolution, the emergence of the middle classes, public provision and the changing nature of working conditions for the masses all led to the changing nature of participation in sport.

Visiting key landmarks brought the theory to life, and encouraged students to explore a key part of their learning in a unique and interactive way.

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