Students at Honley High School recently enjoyed a festive themed business challenge with staff from Huddersfield New College as part of an event led by the Honley Cooperative Trust.

The Trust is made up of a number of organisations who all share a commitment to the development of the school and students. Huddersfield New College is a partner in the Trust, and a group of staff from College’s Business department visited the school to set students the exciting challenge of turning £15 into a profitable festive themed venture!

Around 40 Year 9 students spent the day looking at how to turn their initial investment into a business based around seasonal sweets and gifts. The event took part over two sessions, and following a pre-meeting to discuss ideas and order stock, students had a day where they planned everything from a marketing strategy to their profit margins. The group generated over £100 in profit, which will be reinvested in another event next year to boost profits. The profits will then be donated to charity.

In addition to offering students a unique experience and a taste of what they could expect if they opt to study Business, the event supported the wider skills of students in areas such as teamwork, presentation skills and financial planning. The group were supported by College staff to explore everything from profit margins to how their products could be marketed to a target audience. 

Paula Husband, Head of Business comments: “It was a fantastic day and there were some great marketing ideas. The day allowed students to enjoy something different and develop some key skills that will support them in the future. Students really responded to the challenge, and are already discussing how they can make a bigger profit next time!”

Mrs Edley-Haigh from Honley High School says: “We would like to thank Huddersfield New College for their help on this day. Our young people really enjoyed the experience which has offered them the opportunity to further develop important life skills such as handling money. Students are now taking the feedback from the day on board and considering how they can use their learning experiences to secure a larger profit next time!”