Two of HNC’s Future Medics, Izzie McGrath and William Yeung, have recently been sharing their experiences of attending the Medlink Conference with fellow aspiring medical students.

Izzie and William are both part of the Futures Programme. As Future Medics, they are receiving bespoke support as they work towards their ambition of applying to train as Doctors. The Futures programme supports HNC students looking at a range of future career paths ranging from Engineers and Journalists to Midwives and Lawyers.

Following an application process, Izzie and William were supported to attend the two day Medlink Conference where they enjoyed lectures, undertook practice interviews and were taught some practical medical skills to help them prepare for the highly competitive application process. The pair have led a special session with fellow aspiring medics upon their return to share their experiences.

Izzie says: “It was an amazing conference and very surprising! I now feel better prepared for the application process – for example, we learnt that some universities have unique interview tasks such as being required to deal with a man needing treatment on smelly feet and role plays with bereaved relatives. We were also taught how to listen to the heart and lungs.”

William comments: “The conference has helped me select the universities I will apply for, but also understand how I can secure the best chance of success. Medicine is so competitive, and being able to participate in a typical interview means I now expect the unexpected! As a Future Medic at HNC, I have received so much support to help me work towards this ambition.”

Gabriel Mellor, Assistant Principal and the Futures Programme Lead comments: “Our Futures Programme is about giving our students the very best chance of success as they work towards their career dreams. The Medlink Conference has helped our young people to gain an edge on their competitors. This September a new group of Future Medics will join us, and following the success of this visit, we hope to take a larger group to the next conference!”