Students studying A Level Maths at Huddersfield New College recently enjoyed a visit to the Maths Inspiration Conference to hear from a range of renowned speakers about the exciting use of Maths in real-life contexts and applications.

The group also combined their trip to the conference with a visit to the University of Leeds where they joined a talk from a fourth year Mathematics student to hear more about the possibilities studying Maths as a degree can offer.

Students heard from speakers including the world-famous Matt Parker, who shared more about the Maths behind broadcasting, and Rob Eastaway who presented on how the use of Maths can determine if something is fair or not. The group also enjoyed a talk from Katie Steckles on ‘Freaky Fractals’ which gave the group a great look at the real-world application of fractals, which are generated from simple mathematical instructions and can be seen all around us.

Paul Shepherd, a Mathematician and Engineer, also gave the group a fascinating look at how he has used everything from the geometry of chains to the Maths of swarms to design structures that are both strong and visually engaging. As part of this, the group heard about the symbolism and Maths behind the Millennium Dome including how it has a diameter of 365 meters to represent the number of days in a year.

Tom Beddard, Maths teacher says: “Our students really enjoyed hearing from some world- famous speakers about how the Maths that they are studying can be seen in a huge range of unexpected but real-life situations and applications. One of our students also managed to have his calculator signed by Matt Parker! We also visited the University of Leeds to learn more about the doors a degree in Maths can open. Here at HNC we offer our students experiences that provide a new dimension to their studies, and this trip is a great example of this.”