Staff and students at Huddersfield New College have today completed the first 1,000 steps in the 7k for 700k challenge. The College is joining thousands of others around the country taking part in the National Autistic Society’s ‘7k for 700k’ event during World Autism Week.

The challenge asks individuals and groups to run, walk or wheel 7,000 steps to support the 700,000 people in the UK with autism during World Autism Week which runs 26th March – 2nd April.

HNC supports a diverse student body, including a number of students with autism. The College has been named as the number one organisation in the UK for Equality and Diversity, in recognition of the College’s thriving, vibrant, and inclusive environment where young people are given the opportunity to explore and celebrate their own differences and those of others. Most importantly, each and every student feels part of the same community in which their own uniqueness is valued. 

Erika Montgomery, Equality and Diversity Manager says: “We’re delighted to have completed the first 1,000 steps in the challenge. Here at HNC we are very proud of our diverse community, and how our young people genuinely respect and value the uniqueness of each other. Taking part in the 7k for 700k challenge is a real opportunity for us to not only improve our activity levels, but also develop students’ understanding of autism further and promote how we are all different, but all equal.”