Huddersfield New College is welcoming internationally renowned photographer Dylan Collard tomorrow for a special photoshoot. Students and staff will have the opportunity to have their portrait taken for Dylan’s ‘Ages of Us Project.’

Following the success of ‘Ages of Us’ in California, Dylan is touring Yorkshire to produce a photographic project about age, generations, the journey of life and how our priorities change as we travel through the stages of youth, middle and old age.

Dylan will set up at College on Friday 8th June, and students and staff will be able to opt to have their photo taken by Dylan and for it to be potentially exhibited as part of his UK ‘Ages of Us’ project. Dylan has shot work for the likes of Pfizer, Adidas, O2, Santander and The Discovery Channel. Students and staff who volunteer to have their photo taken will be provided with a free copy of it.

Dylan says: “Ages of Us is an interest in the process of ageing, the effects of that unstoppable process on our physical being and how our attitude, conscience, hopes, aspirations and desires change as we go through the stages of life. Age is a social preoccupation taught to us from an early age. From our first birthday we are taught to celebrate our birthdays, to expect presents, to mark our birthday and the passing of another year. Birthdays rock, initially!  In youth we look forward to our birthdays, in later life we dread them. I’m really looking forward to visiting HNC and capturing students and staff for the project.”

Jan Kikezos, Teacher of English submitted the original request to Dylan and says: “We’re thrilled that Dylan will be visiting College, and that staff and students have this opportunity to take part in this very special project. On the day many of our students will have sat an exam and will be nearing the end of these, so the photos do mark the start of new and exciting chapters. We’re really looking forward to seeing the portraits!”

Dylan will be set up after the morning examinations, and staff and students can see or email Jan for further information.