Parents' Evenings 

Our next Parents' Evenings will take place on Wednesday 29th January, Tuesday 4th February and Thursday 13th February 2020 from 5.30pm to 8.30pm.

 It is extremely helpful if before your visit, you have reviewed your son or daughter’s progress on Cedar (our Portal). 

To book your appointments on our dedicated booking system, please click    This is open from Monday 13th January to Tuesday 28th January.


Unfortunately, due to extenuating circumstances, some staff are unavailable on certain evenings. When you book your appointments, the booking system will indicate availability. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Not available Wednesday 29th January; Natalie Kuszyk, Anna Woodward, Louise Andrew, Laura Nichols, Mike Crossland, Ros Smith, Amanda Pinder, Paul Hewitt, Katie Griffiths, Lynnette Cadamarteri, Matt Bullock and the Sports Academy coaches

Not available Tuesday 4th February; Paula Husband, Natalie Kuszyk, Claire Scott, Kam Rogerson, Duane Laverick, Martin Drury, Craig Veevers, Dan O'Keefe, Amanda Pinder, Lynnette Cadamarteri, Paul Hewitt and Paul Sanders.

Not available Thursday 13th February; Lynn Bailey, Nick Keddy, Claire Scott, Natalie Kuszyk, William Bacon, Anna Woodward, Craig Veevers, Dan O'Keefe, Cathy Durling, Hassan Rezaei, Lynnette Cadamarteri, Amanda Pinder, Patricia Wilson-Greaves and the Sports Academy coaches