Our Staying Safe Together booklet shares detailed information and guidance about how we are working to ensure we are a Covid-19 secure environment. Click here to download this. 

You can also watch our short video which provides a summary of how we are asking everyone to help our College community to work together so that we can stay safe.

Click here to watch the Year 13 video

Click here to watch the Year 12 video

To watch our video about how we are asking you to stay safe whilst on campus, click here 

This information is updated in light of any changes - please visit this section of our website to ensure you are accessing the latest guidance. 

HNC are following all advice issued by Public Health England and the DfE and will continue to do so. 

Department for Education Coronavirus helpline

The DfE has a helpline to answer questions about COVID-19 related to education. Staff, parents and young people can contact the helpline as follows:

Phone: 0800 046 8687
Email: DfE.coronavirushelpline@education.gov.uk
Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday)

Where to find the latest information:

Updates on COVID-19:

Travel advice for those travelling and living overseas:

Advice about self-isolation:


If you are worried about your symptoms or those of a relative or colleague, please call NHS 111.  

Communications issued to parents/carers:

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