The following information shares some key information about the College's remote education provision during periods in which Covid-19 restrictions require students to remain at home. To download the information below as a single PDF please click here


During times of national or local lockdown all College activities will move online. This includes subject lessons, tutorial sessions, and any other activities which can be offered remotely. The timetable will run as usual, with all activities taking place via MS Teams.

The content of some subject lessons may have to change, for example, in those with practical elements, and there may be occasions where these practical elements will need to be replaced by other activities. In such cases, the teacher will adapt the subject lessons, as necessary.


All College student support services will also move online. This includes Student Services, Careers, Student Financial Services, Additional Learning Support and Student Wellbeing. Where these services usually offer 1-2-1 meetings with students, these will be continued using MS Teams.

The College’s pastoral support, including individual progress monitoring, will continue as usual and Progress Tutors will support students and will liaise with parents / carers via telephone calls and MS Teams meetings, as appropriate.

Where a student is not engaging in online learning either by not attending or through lack of participation in lessons or through disruptive behaviour, the College’s usual Behaviour for Learning processes will be followed. Teachers, Course Leaders, Heads of Faculty and Progress Tutors (as appropriate) will communicate with students, offering help and advice and clarifying expectations for attendance, behaviour and engagement with learning.


Students receiving support from the ALS team will continue to be supported but their support will move online. The nature of the support will be flexible and based on the student’s need at the time. The ALS team will contact students and parents / carers (as appropriate) at the start of any period of lockdown to explain the support available. This cohort of students will be allowed to work on-site, if they choose to do so. Please note: students attending on-site will not receive face to face support, rather they will simply access their timetable and the College’s ALS provision online from the College Campus rather than from home.

For students who have in-class support from a Student Support Assistant (SSA), remote in-class support will be provided by the SSA who will join the MS Teams lesson.

All pre-arranged 1-2-1 meetings with the Exam Access Special Arrangements team will move online via MS Teams.

Students receiving out-of-lesson support from a SSA will receive this online via MS Teams.



Students who are classed as ‘vulnerable’ will be contacted at the start of the lockdown period to ensure that any additional support needed is put in place and that the student is clear about how to contact the College should they need to do so. This cohort of students will be allowed to work on-site, if they choose to do so. Please note: vulnerable students attending on-site will not receive face to face support, they will simply access their timetable and any agreed additional support from the College Campus rather than home.

The Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and the Associate Assistant Principal ALS (AAP ALS) will contact and monitor Looked After Children, Care Givers or students’ who have a social worker. This cohort of students will be allowed to work on-site, if they choose to do so. Please note: students choosing to attend on-site will not receive face to face monitoring, they will simply access their timetable and their contact with the DSL and / or AAP ALS online from the College Campus rather than home.

Members of the safeguarding team will continue to attend CIN (Child in Need) meetings or CP (Child Protection) conferences, joining online meetings when invited. Child protection referrals to children’s services and assessments for Early Help will continue to be submitted by the safeguarding team, as appropriate


Students are expected to join all lessons on time according to their usual College timetable unless they have reported in advance their absence using the College’s Student Absence Reporting procedures. Absence from online lessons will be marked as such and will affect a student’s overall attendance.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they can access MS Teams for their lessons and tutorial and should contact the relevant member of staff if they are unable to do so.

Students will be expected to follow the College’s ABC expectations to guide their conduct when attending online lessons.


· You should be logged into MS Teams at the start time of your online lesson, and fully engage with activities, as directed by your teacher.

· You should contact your teacher, if you are experiencing difficulties accessing your online lessons.

· You should inform the College by 10am, if you are unable to attend the online lesson due to illness, using the College’s Student Absence Reporting procedures.


· You should dress appropriately and consider what others can see behind you.

· You must follow your teacher’s instructions during the lesson and use appropriate language at all times.


· You must commit to trying your best and keeping up to date with your work, as you would if you were attending lessons on-site.

· You must make sure that you are accessing online lessons in an environment that is free from distractions.

· You should proactively participate in all your online lessons.

If any student is unable to join an online lessons because of a lack of IT equipment or connectivity, the College may be able to help. Students should contact their Progress Tutor in the first instance for advice


In periods during which the College is offering full on-site provision, if a student is required to self-isolate for Covid-19 related reasons, the College will arrange for all lessons, and applicable support, to be accessible via MS Teams. In effect, the self-isolating student will follow their College timetable remotely, whilst other students follow theirs on-site (the College refers to this as simultaneous provision). Please note: access to the College’s simultaneous provision (including simultaneous lessons) will not be available for students absent from College for non Covid-19 related reasons.

Students who are self-isolating for a Covid-19 related reason and attending the College’s simultaneous provision remotely will be expected to follow the ABC of Behaviour for Learning expectations explained in the ‘Student Participation in lessons’ section above.

Reporting absence

In response to a report of absence by, or on behalf of, a student, the College will arrange simultaneous provision in the following instances only:

1. If a student is displaying Covid-19 symptoms (however mild), and / or has returned a positive LFD test and is self-isolating whilst awaiting the outcome of a PCR test.

2. If a student has tested positive for Covid-19 in a PCR test and is self-isolating for 10 days from the start of any Covid-19 symptoms, however mild (if appropriate) or the positive result in the PCR test.

· In both of these instances, students or their parents / carers should call the College’s student absence reporting line to report the absence (evidence of the positive LFD or positive PCR test will be required).

· Please note that simultaneous provision will commence on the second day after the Covid-related absence has been reported and will be delivered via MS Teams.


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