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Progress tracking

To support our students achieving their ambitions, we monitor their progress and performance throughout their time at HNC. We set challenging targets for our students as we want them to be the best they can be. We use published government data to generate statistical grades which are subject specific and aspirational for each individual student. Performance against these statistical grades is monitored at set points during the year.

All information regarding a student's progress and performance is viewable on our on-line Portal called Cedar and this is a key way to engage with your son/daughter's life at HNC.


Progress Tutors

Every student has a Progress Tutor who is part of a larger team of tutors. Your son or daughter's progress tutor will help them to settle into college and enjoy their time here. Group tutorials and regular one-to-one reviews are a key element of this support. Progress tutors will also help them to make decisions about their future career and will guide them through their application for Higher Education or employment.

Parents and guardians are welcome to contact their son or daughter’s progress tutor at any time. The progress tutor will also get in touch whenever necessary, and particularly if there is a concern, about a student’s well-being, attendance, punctuality or work.

We value regular communication with parents and carers and your views are very important to us as they affect the way in which we try to support your son or daughter’s learning and success.

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