If you are hoping to come and study at Huddersfield New College in September 2018, you may have been asked to complete a 'Bridging' activity. All students who have accepted a place to study an A level will need to complete an activity for each A level you have been offered.

The purpose of this activity is to aid your preparation for advanced level study and make the transition from GCSE study as smooth as possible. Some activities are written pieces of work, some are research-based and some are practical. They should be completed to the best of your ability and they will give you the opportunity to start to showcase your talent for your chosen subjects. As these are compulsory activities, it is vital that you put in the time and effort to ensure they are completed to the highest standard. 

These should be handed in at your first lesson in September.

You can find the full list of bridging activities below. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.