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The Student Executive Team is the group of elected officers chosen by the Student Assembly to run and oversee the entire Student Union. They are elected to stand from one year (usually from Easter to Easter). In addition to running the Union and Assembly, Student Executive is responsible for electing the Student Governor. There are six roles in the Executive:

  • The President

The prime representative for the whole Union, they are the leader of the Executive and are responsible for the maintenance of the Executive, Assembly and Union. It is they who organise meetings of the responsible bodies, as well as takes minutes and circulates agendas.

  • The Vice-President

Assists the President in his/her duties and carries out their duties when they are not able to.

  • Education Officer

This role is effectively taking management over the Departmental Representatives and ensuring that they represent the interests of students in their concerns, aspirations and problems in relation to their courses.

  • Finance Officer

As a part of their job, the Finance Officer is responsible for taking control of the Union’s entire budget and helps to regulate the finances (expenditure and income) of all of the Committees. They themselves run a Financial Committee to assist them in their duties.

  • Activities & Entertainment Officer

This role is effectively hosting events and activities at the college, as well as liaising with outside bodies to promote external events. He/she runs an Activities Co-ordination Committee to help them in their duties, and they also help to co-ordinate the Student Ambassadors.

  • Welfare Officer

The Welfare Officer liaises primarily with Open Door and helps/counsels students who have welfare problems, as well as campaigns and promotes awareness of welfare issues that are  agreed by the Executive. To this end, they also run a Safeguarding and Welfare Committee to assist them where possible.

The Student Assembly

The Student Assembly is the main body that represents the interests of the collective Student Union. Any student is able to join it, as it is the umbrella term for all the different distinct student groups that help to improve the college. Primarily, it’s composed of:

  1. Committees: groups that deal with specific subjects, such as Finance, that are permanent and monitor certain areas of Assembly or Union concern.
  2. Working Groups: a short-lived working team that is set up by an elected officer to serve a specific concern or objective, such as the staffing of an event.

In addition to this, members of the Assembly are diversified into:

  1. Representatives: any student who wishes to join the Assembly. They are primarily the members who join Committees and Working Groups.
  2. Ambassadors: students that specifically want to help staff events, but aren’t particularly interested in elections and standing for office etc.

It’s possible that a student can be two, or all three of these roles at the same time – but it isn’t necessary.

If you’re interested in taking part in the Students' Union, please contact us using the details below.

If you're interested in becoming  Student Ambassador, please contact Engagement and Enrichment Manager, Lee Speight, on

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Phone Number: 01484 652341 ext. 4623

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