To ensure students throughout their time at college are engaged with a study programme that meets their academic ability, personal circumstances and career aspirations, at HNC we offer various mechanisms to support this. 


Admissions and Enrolment Guidance

The admissions process starts early for our students with us offering year 10 days, open events, curriculum workshops and assemblies in schools and many other activities. Getting the right student onto the right course is paramount to their success. We must be confident that we are offering students a place at the college on courses which match their predicted GCSE grade profile.


Induction and Initial Diagnostic

All students undertake an induction period where their starting performance is closely monitored in various ways. An initial diagnostic test is completed and in each teaching area, induction tests are completed. We have various options for students identified as needing an early review of their programme.


Progress Monitoring

Students are closely monitored throughout the year by Progress Tutors and Curriculum staff. Progress grades and comments are input at seven points in the year. Detailed reports are then collated and made available to all staff to support focussed and timely interventions to aid their success.

For any students where there are concerns about progression or underachievement, Heads of Departments work with Progress Tutors to identify intervention strategies to help the student improve. These are flagged and recorded on our Parent Portal (Cedar) so staff, students and parents are fully aware of them. The strategies and progress against them are closely monitored.


Progression Guidance

Students will attend a Progression Conference which includes a motivational speaker. At this event there will be departmental representatives from each of the curriculum areas. Senior Admissions staff, Progress Tutors and the careers team will also be available.

Following this event, students will complete an application form and then discuss their progression options with their Progress Tutor. Progress reviews and grades, attendance and punctuality, discipline record and future career aspirations will be discussed with the student.

We are objective, consistent and fair and both students and parents are invited to this evening. The purpose of this procedure it to keep Progress Tutors, Course Leaders and Heads of Departments informed and involved in the decisions regarding student progression.

If the student has some improvements to make to progress successfully, they will be assigned a Progression Mentor who will work with the student and the Progress Tutor to secure progression for the student.


Progression from College

Support for student progression includes a range of activities which are designed to ensure students can make informed and appropriate choices for their future. Whilst a significant majority of our students progress to HE directly or following a gap year, we do have a number of students for whom progression to apprenticeships or work is a good option.  A number of the events and activities that have been developed (or we promote or engage students with in liaison with others) are not HE or work specific, rather they are about supporting students in making good, informed choices.

Progression support is underpinned by a wide range of curriculum and cross college enrichment and skills development activity; charity work, mentoring in schools, first aid courses and sports leadership qualifications.

Some examples of the supporting events and activities include; Progression Conference and Exhibition, STEM Conference and Exhibition, Working Options event and a range of externally promoted events such as visits to University open days, local Careers Progression Events and some curriculum area specific events.

Following year 13 results publication, we offer a full post-results service relating to examination remarks, UCAS clearing support, Careers advice. Senior staff are available to provide support, guidance and advice to our year 13 completing students. This support sometimes includes applications for a year 14 progression where this is the most appropriate and relevant route for the student.