We work to ensure each and every student achieves their full potential

Here you can read a selection of case studies where our students share their experiences of studying at HNC and how these have have supported them in achieving success. 

Success Stories 2021

Philippa Tarr

University of St Andrews to study Mathematics
A Level English (combined) (A*), Mathematics (A*), Further Mathematics (A), and BTEC Acting (D*)

“The subject choice at HNC was fantastic and allowed me to blend my love of both STEM and the arts. The teachers and staff were helpful and supportive of my application to Higher Education, and the ASPIRE XL programme not only helped me to decide which universities to apply for, it also helped to prepare me for the application processes for some of the UK’s top universities.”

Ziden Ramage

University of Oxford to study History
A Level History (A*), English (Combined) (A*), Drama and Theatre Studies (A*)

“I really enjoyed the variety of teaching styles at HNC, as they allowed me to engage in different ways as I moved from lesson to lesson. All of the teachers at the College are approachable and happy to help when you need it. The Student Welfare team at HNC is amazing, and throughout my time at College I felt supported and welcomed. Nothing was too much trouble.”

Isaac Latham

University of Cambridge to study History
A Level History (A*), English (Combined) (A), Law (A)

“HNC provided a secure and lively atmosphere where I was able to enjoy a nice balance between learning and socialising. My experiences at College have enabled me to prepare for university through the more independent learning style used, and I was supported in securing a place at a top university.”

Hafsa Rafiq

Hull York Medical School to study Medicine
A Level Biology (A), Chemistry (A), Psychology (A)

“My tutor encouraged me to apply for some incredible opportunities; during my time at College I completed a Nuffield placement at a Russell Group university and undertook an EPQ. These experiences really helped to prepare me for my future and secure an offer to study Medicine - my dream career!”

Oliver Caton

University of Sheffield to study Aerospace Engineering
A Level Physical Education (A*), Physics (A), Mathematics (B)

“The College offered me so many opportunities to thrive and realise my potential. I enjoyed the range of subjects that I studied, as well as being part of the ASPIRE XL programme. This programme provided me with some great experiences such as University of Cambridge lectures and visits, and supported me in securing a place at a Russell Group University.”

Jessica Walker

Durham University to study Business and Management
BTEC Level 3 Business (D*D*D*)

“HNC really gives students the opportunity to grow as much as they want, as long as they have the drive to put in the work to get there. The teachers are fantastic and were so supportive of me during my two years at the College. I was able to have open and honest discussions with them and seek support with anything I was struggling with.”

Umair Pandor

University of Leeds to study Adult Nursing
BTEC Level 3 Health and Social Care (D*D*D*)

“Studying at HNC has allowed me to realise my full potential and has increased my confidence both inside and outside of College. The quality of teaching is exceptional and teachers never gave up on me. I am now a more confident person and communicator, and feel prepared for entering the world of further study.”

Jemima Wood

America to study Sports Therapy as part of a Football Scholarship.
BTEC Level 3 Sport and Exercise Science (D*D*D*)

“My teachers were fantastic and were always there for me whenever I had any questions. The facilities at HNC are great too, and helped to my make my learning and social experiences truly memorable and amazing. Overall, my experiences at HNC have prepared me for adult life by improving my confidence and subject knowledge.”

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