We work to ensure each and every student achieves their full potential. Here you can read a selection of case studies where our students share how their experience has supported them to achieve their ambitions. 

Jemma Moorhouse

Jemma Moorhouse - Class of 2017 
Joined from
: Moorend Academy 
Celebrated: A, A, B (Classical Civilisation, Medieval History, English Literature) 
Progressing to: the University of Oxford to read Classical Archaeology and Ancient History 

Why did I choose Huddersfield New College?
“The range of courses on offer is amazing! This was the only college that offered the combination of subjects that I wanted to study. On my visits, I was also inspired by the passionate teachers.”

Outstanding Support 
“The support is amazing and the help and guidance I received to prepare for my university interview at Oxford was exceptional. This helped me to shine and to secure my place. 

High Expectations
“I am the first in my family to go to university. I was an Honours student and at the start of the programme was asked ‘why can’t you be the first in your family to go to Oxford?’ This opened up my eyes to this possibility, which then became my dream. However, there was never any pressure to make an Oxbridge application, if it wasn’t right for me. I am so excited about starting my degree course!”

Top Tip
“Be an opportunist! If you are offered a chance to do something by the College, ask yourself ‘what have I got to lose?’ The answer will usually be nothing, but you will have everything to gain. If I had said ‘no’ to the opportunities and to the experiences offered to me, such as being a Student Ambassador, completing an EPQ or attending a Summer School in Oxford, I most definitely would not have achieved my dream of going to Oxford!”

Shaun Milne - Class of 2016 
Joined from: Home schooled
Celebrated: 3 A* grades (Maths, Further Maths, Physics)
Progressing to: the University of Oxford to read Physics

Why did I choose Huddersfield New College?
“I was really inspired by the passion of the teachers. Before my visit, I wouldn’t have believed such good teaching and learning existed. Due to some medical issues, I had not secured some of the GCSEs required for entry on my chosen courses. However, the College saw my potential and offered me a place."

Outstanding Support
“Staff offer really great advice. My Mentor also provided a lot of help. However, the support for my application to the University of Oxford was fantastic. I took a year out after my first application was not successful. However, staff continued to support me with my ambition and I secured my place!”

High Expectations
“Expectations are high, and it is important to not underestimate the hard work involved. Staff however are happy to help and provide guidance so you are always clear how you can achieve your targets.”

Top Tip
“Don't underestimate the value of doing additional work. It will deepen your understanding and really help you to achieve your goals. The teachers are amazing and will guide you about what you are doing. It is always really clear how you can get to your goal, whatever this is.”

Jessie Ray - Class of 2017 
Joined from: Sowerby Bridge High School 
Celebrated: 3 A grades (History, Politics, and English Literature)
Progressing to: the University of Warwick to read History and Politics 

Why did I choose Huddersfield New College?
“I looked at a range of post 16 providers, including another outstanding local provider. However, during my visit to Huddersfield New College, and in the admissions interview, I gained a real sense of how passionate the teachers are about their courses and how these courses could be tailored to me and my ambitions for the future.” 

Outstanding Support
“The step up from GCSE to A Level is challenging, but I received lots of support, such as feedback on essays, as I made this transition.  I also always wanted to go to university, and received so much support to help me realise this ambition. 

High Expectations
“The College is brilliant in challenging you to achieve your potential. College is hard work – but I never felt that I could not achieve high grades, and the support is always there when you need it to do so.”

Top Tip
“I would advise new students to choose subjects they think they will be good at, but also subjects they enjoy. It is also important that you consider enriching your studies. I completed the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). This gave me a whole range of research skills and knowledge that supported my UCAS application and helped me to successfully apply for the right degree course for me.”