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Here you can read a selection of case studies where our students share how their experience has supported them to achieve their ambitions. 

Success Stories 2020

Jak Spencer

Biomedical Sciences, University of Oxford
A Level Biology, Chemistry, History and BTEC Level 3 Musical Theatre

“The quality of teaching is exceptional. Each and every one of my teachers cared about my learning and my achievements; my teachers challenged me to achieve my best and were always on hand to support me. The Aspire Programme was instrumental in my success at HNC and the support I received for my application to Oxford University was an essential part of my HNC journey, and really prepared me for my next steps.”

Zoe Wolstenholme

Mathematics at Durham University
A Level Maths, Further Maths, French

"At HNC I had so many opportunities to brighten my future. I applied for the position of Head Student, which allowed me to develop a variety of skills, beyond my academic study programme and my self-confidence. I always felt supported by my teachers and my progress tutor, and the support I received from the Careers Team during the UCAS application process helped me to secure a place at one of the UK’s leading universities”

Ziyaad Lambat

Accounting and Finance at the University of Manchester
A Level Business, Psychology, Sociology

"The support at HNC is exceptional. I have always felt welcomed and supported at College, and the inclusive environment has helped me to achieve my very best and progress on to a Russell Group University. Outside of my study programme I had the opportunity to take part in some unique experiences, including as a member of the Student Leadership Team as a Deputy Head Student. I couldn't recommend studying at HNC more!"

Anisha Iqbal

Architecture at the University of Salford
A Level 3D Design, Maths and Physics

“The opportunities that HNC presented me with were invaluable. As a member of the College’s Aspire Programme, I was able to take up a place at a summer school provided by the Sutton Trust. I spent a week at Glasgow University. I was also encouraged to enrol with the Social Mobility Foundation, through which I was able to network with industry leaders, who support you to progress to your dream career. It was opportunities like these that have really prepared me for my future career as an architect. At HNC there are no barriers to students from any background receiving a first class education.”

Ben Malone

Acting for Live and Recording Media at Arden School of Theatre
A Level Drama and Theatre Studies, History and BTEC Musical Theatre

“HNC helps you to discover hidden passions and provides you with skills and abilities that will stay with you for a lifetime. It offers a wide range of academic and enrichment opportunities allowing you to develop your interests and help you to progress to your chosen career. My time at HNC was an enjoyable one, and the memories I made at the College will last a lifetime.”

Annabelle White

Midwifery at the University of Huddersfield
BTEC Level 3 Health and Social Care

“I have always wanted to be a Midwife, and I chose to study at HNC as I knew the College would be able to help me to achieve this career goal. My teachers were not only subject experts, they also had incredible industry links, which helped me to secure relevant work experience. I am dyslexic, but the support I received from the College’s Study Centre Team meant that this was never a barrier for me, and the access arrangements provided for me helped to ensure that I was never disadvantaged. The skills I developed at HNC will support me far beyond my time at College.”

Matthew Foster

Sport and Exercise Science at The University of Newcastle
BTEC Level 3 Sport and Exercise Science

“I chose to study at Huddersfield New College so that I could pursue both my love of Sport and my academic studies. I had so many opportunities to develop my employability skills at College, including a work experience placement in Poland and coaching primary school aged children. As well as studying for my BTEC in Sport and Exercise Science, I also played for the College’s Football Academy, reaching the championship finals. I also had the opportunity to join a Sports tour in Spain, take part in the Sports Ambassador Programme and undertake additional qualifications. I am so well prepared for my next step.”

Aleesha Wilson

Law at the University of Huddersfield
A Level Law, Maths, Sociology

"HNC genuinely celebrates and promotes equality and diversity, making it a welcoming and friendly place to study. The teachers work with each student to make sure that individual learning styles are catered for to help you to achieve highly through a range of bespoke study resources. The Progress Tutors are brilliant at supporting your wider learning and well-being too!"

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