We work to ensure each and every student achieves their full potential

Here you can read a selection of case studies where our students share their experiences of studying at HNC and how these have have supported them in achieving success. 

Student success stories 2022

Ryan Haughin

Studied: A Level Law (A) Business (A) Mathematics (A)
Destination: Newcastle University to study Mathematics and Accounting

Courtney Bostock

Studied: A Level Law (A*) Sociology (A*) English Language and Literature (B)
Destination: University of York to study Law

Elise Hartley-Walker

Studied: A Level Business (A*) Economics (A*) Graphic Design (A)
Destination: University of Loughborough to study Economics

Ivin Chan

Studied: A Level 3D Design (A*) Mathematics (B) Computer Science (B)
Destination: Airbus Degree Apprenticeship

Lesley Takaindisa

Studied: BTEC Level 3 Art and Design (D*D*D*)
Destination: apprenticeship

Henry Sheard

Studied: A Level 3D Design (A*), Mathematics (A), BTEC Music (D*)
Destination:University of Sheffield to study Robotics

Muniza Sajjad

Studied: BTEC Applied Science (D*D*D*)
Destination: University to study Optometry

Nicholas Budgen

Studied: A Level Politics (A), Philosophy, Religion and Ethics (A), Economics (B)
Destination: University of Glasgow to study Economics

Ben Evans

Studied: A Level History (A*) BTEC Sport and Exercise Science (D*D*) Destination: Lancaster University to study Sport and Exercise Science


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