We work to ensure each and every student achieves their full potential

Here you can read a selection of case studies where our students share how their experience has supported them to achieve their ambitions. 

Ivy Oldroyd - Class of 2018 
 Image of Ivy Oldroyd
Joined from: Royds Hall Community School 
Studied: A Level Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths
Progressing to: the University of Durham to read Maths

Why did I choose Huddersfield New College?
As soon as I visited College, I felt at home. Staff and students are so friendly, and I felt like it was the right environment for me to achieve.

Outstanding Support 
The support at College is outstanding, and there is a lot of it! Not only is plenty of support available from the academic staff, there is a full support package in place to ensure your wellbeing is looked after too. I had the opportunity to attend free Yoga and Meditation sessions at College which really helped to centre me during stressful periods."

High Expectations
I’ve always had high expectations of myself, and I felt that HNC would support my ambitions. The Honours Programme was essential in supporting my plans, and the additional support and guidance the programme offered was helpful.

Top Tip
Go and talk to people! Everyone is friendly and everyone is willing to help. 

Ethan Price - Class of 2018 
 Image of Ethan Price
Joined from: Colne Valley High School
Celebrated: A*, A*, A (Graphic Communication, Classical Civilisation, History)
Progressing to: the University of York to read History

Why did I choose Huddersfield New College?

“There is always something going on at College! Every day is different and there are plenty of activities outside of your studies to take part in when you have a free period."

Outstanding Support
College is a really supportive working environment. There is always somewhere to study and there is always someone available to help you if you need it.

High Expectations
I was encouraged to take on the Extended Project Qualification, which awards you additional UCAS points at the end of your studies. It was these additional challenges that College encouraged me to participate in that really took my academic abilities to the next level.

Top Tip
Aim high and take full advantage of all the different services that HNC offers. They will help you to succeed!

Image of Tanazia Gabriel-Fleary

Tanazia Gabriel-Fleary - Class of 2018 
Joined from: Rastrick High School 
Celebrated: A*, A, B (English Literature, Media Studies, Economics)
Progressing to: the University of Birmingham to read Media and Communications 

Why did I choose Huddersfield New College?
HNC is a really diverse and supportive environment. I felt really welcome and included here from the moment I started; it’s such a friendly place to study!” 

Outstanding Support
The support at College is fantastic. As a high achiever, I was a part of the College’s Honours programme. This helped me to understand what I needed to do with regards to my studies and my extra-curricular activities to ensure I achieved the best of my abilities."

High Expectations
College has stretched and challenged me, not just academically, but also personally. I now feel more mature, more independent, and I have the life skills needed to progress on to university with confidence.

Top Tip
Take advantage of the enrichment programme! I took part in the journalism enrichment, where I wrote articles for the College newspaper, the HNC Echo. This really helped me to secure a place at a top University to study a related subject.

Image of Hannah Boden

Hannah Boden - Class of 2018 
Joined from: Honley High School 
Celebrated: A*, A*, A (Physical Education, Psychology, Biology)
Progressing to: the University of Nottingham to read Psychology

Why did I choose Huddersfield New College?
I knew that the College’s Talented Athlete's scheme would ensure that I was able to continue with my sporting responsibilities outside of College. During my time at College I was crowned U17 National Badminton Champion, U21 European Racketlon Singles Champion, British Racketlon Champion and U21 World Racketlon Mixed Doubles Champion. This required a lot of time away from College, and my teachers were amazing in helping me to fit everything in.” 

Outstanding Support
There was so much support from my teachers and my progress tutor when it came to fitting my studies around my sporting commitments. Everything was given equal importance, which allowed me to excel at both my studies and sport. The Talented Athlete Coordinator was essential in supporting my ambitions."

High Expectations
Even though I was out of College for competitions and training sessions, my teachers never expected anything less than the best from me, and this spurred me on to achieve high grades.

Top Tip
If you’re an elite individual or team athlete, come and speak to the Talented Athlete Coordinator at an Open Event at HNC to see how you can be supported to succeed!

Image of Mohammed Javid Ghoghawala

Mohammed Javid Ghoghawala - Class of 2018 
Joined from: Thornhill Community Academy 
Celebrated: D*D*D* (BTEC Applied Science)
Progressing to: the University of Huddersfield to read Pharmacy

Why did I choose Huddersfield New College?
I decided to study at Huddersfield New College because it offered the BTEC in Applied Science. I really enjoy Biology and Chemistry, but as exam-based qualifications do not suit my learning style, I didn’t want to pursue the subjects at A Level, so it was perfect when I discovered that HNC offered an equivalent to the A Levels.” 

Outstanding Support
The support from the teaching staff is amazing. My teachers really helped me to believe in myself and my abilities, I left college with so much more confidence."

High Expectations
My teachers really pushed me throughout my studies. I benefited from attending additional revision sessions, which supported me to achieve the very best grades possible. There was always an expectation that I should, and could, achieve, and it really inspired me to best the best student I could be.

Top Tip
Consider a BTEC qualification! I loved the balance of written and practical assignments.

Image of Michael Hemingway

Michael Hemingway - Class of 2018 
Joined from: Castle Hall Academy 
Celebrated: A, A, C (Chemistry, Classical Civilisation, Geography)
Progressing to: the University of Leeds to read Geoscience

Why did I choose Huddersfield New College?
There is such a wide variety of courses and enrichment programmes on offer here at HNC- there was so much choice and I felt like the College could support my future career ambitions.” 

Outstanding Support
The College is really supportive. The teachers are great at making sure you’re succeeding academically, and they make sure they teach in a style that suits your learning."

High Expectations
College worked hard to help me to develop my skillset outside of my studies, and I felt like this was a huge benefit when it came round to applying for university via UCAS. College expect you to step up and take charge of your learning and your future, and this really helps you to focus and achieve!

Top Tip
Choose courses that interest you and will support your future ambitions- I really loved my Geography A Level, and it was easy to work hard because it was a subject I was passionate about.