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We are delighted that you are considering joining our outstanding College. We are confident that by choosing us, you will benefit from an excellent sixth form education that will make you stand out from the crowd, and support your progression to a successful future. 

From Oxford and Cambridge to Manchester and Leeds, our students can be found in the best universities in the UK. They can also be found on high quality apprenticeships and in the world of work, building successful careers. We know that the key to success at university or in a future career is to study the courses that matter most to you, to enable you to achieve highly. This is why we offer such a diverse range of courses, including A Levels, BTECs and a dedicated Level 2 programme. In fact, we are the only College locally where you can combine the study of A Level and BTEC. This diverse curriculum offer alongside our highly qualified and enthusiastic teachers ensures our students receive an outstanding experience and secure outstanding outcomes.

Our 2022 entry prospectus is available to download. Please click here to access this now!

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Year 11 Applicant Tasters Sessions


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