Meet the Principal

Welcome to Huddersfield New College. As Principal, I would like to thank you for your interest in joining our outstanding, award winning College. Our online prospectus shares more about why we think you should choose Huddersfield New College - or as we are more affectionately known as by our College Community, HNC!

vWhen you apply to us, you are not only choosing one of the top Colleges in the UK for student progress, but a College that will work with you to ensure that you achieve your ambitions – whatever these are. You will enjoy experiences inside and outside of the classroom that will provide you with a competitive edge, and our wide range of support will also help you to excel. This prospectus shares more about these first class experiences and the support which have been recognised through a range of awards, including being named as the national TES Sixth Form College of the Year. 

Our 2021 entry prospectus is available to download. Please click here to access this now!

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Launch of Virtual Open Event Platform


Join us ahead of our face to face event series for the launch of our virtual Open Event platform and get ahead in your application to HNC Click here for more information



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