2021 Entry


Admissions Criteria and Expectations

Alongside your grades meeting the general and subject entry criteria, you must also demonstrate the following. If you do not meet these expectations, we will not be able to offer you a place.
  • Your school or college reference (from year 11 or your current year) must demonstrate an excellent attendance record (at least 95%) and positive punctuality
  • The reference should also demonstrate excellent standards of behaviour and a very positive attitude to learning
  • If you are currently not in education, we may consider other references e.g. employment


General entry requirements




Subject specific entry requirements

Please visit our courses section for details of subject specific entry requirements. 


Admissions Information

Study Programmes
  • You should choose no more than two predominantly practical/coursework based A Levels. If you want to combine three practical/coursework based A Levels, you should seriously consider an Extended Diploma course
  • There may be exceptional circumstances where we can review the entry criteria for an individual student. This is normally when other supporting subjects meet the required entry criteria

The entry criteria listed are accurate at the time of the publication of the prospectus. They are, however, subject to revision as information emerges from the Department for Education or Awarding Bodies regarding the curriculum going forward. All changes will be notified via the college website.

All level 2 and 3 subjects will be assessed by a combination of external examination and coursework submissions.

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