Do you enjoy thinking in both abstract and concrete terms? Do you like solving problems using logic, creativity and reasoning? Computer Science will see you learning about how computers work, and how coding and computer architecture works. Students on this course will understand how to solve problems by breaking them down into individual programmable steps. Topics include:

- The principles of computing

- Algorithms and problem solving

- Algorithms and programming

- Computer systems


Grade 6 in GCSE Maths and grade 6 in GCSE Physics.

With the support of our outstanding teachers, you will explore the science of computers including how solutions are designed, and the ethics of computing. HNC students enjoy using the latest industry standard software and equipment as they learn about how computers work, and discover more about the problem-solving and programming strands of computing.

Computer Science is a useful subject for any career where logical reasoning and problem-solving skills are used, from computing to IT based roles and engineering. Students with degrees in Computer Science are sought after in areas as diverse as Computer Security, Digital Games, Graphics and Accounting.

Good to Know

The majority of universities will require A Level Maths for Computing degrees. Computer Science has a great deal of Maths based content.