You will study a selection of texts; a novel, a drama, poetry and reportage plus a selection of short texts thematically linked in an AQA anthology on Paris. You will study such texts as:

• The Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold
• Othello - William Shakespeare
• Selected Poems by Seamus Heaney (in AQA Anthology)
• Into the Wild - Jon Krakauer

A minimum of Grade 5 in English Language and GCSE English Literature (if taken). 

This is a course for students who like reading and analysing texts. The two main modules are Telling Stories and Exploring Conflict. You will also have an opportunity to do some creative writing. You will look at writers’ techniques, some sociolinguistic theory and a range of different genres. You should enjoy close analysis, discussing and developing your ideas and you will need to have an open-minded approach. You should also enjoy constructing your own written pieces and be able to analyse and evaluate your own writing. English Language and Literature combines very well with other traditional essay writing subjects such as History, Government and Politics, Religious Studies and Classical Civilisation as well as Drama, Media, Psychology and Sociology. 

English Language and Literature A Level is assessed by two written examinations at the end of two years (80%). You will also submit a portfolio of coursework consisting of a personal investigation into a literary and a non-literary text (20%). 

English Language and Literature is a highly respected academic A Level. There is potential for you to progress onto a wide range of university degrees leading to careers including teaching, creative writing, journalism and human resources. 

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