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Year 12 A Level Chemistry students at Huddersfield New College recently competed in the RSC (Royal Society of Chemistry) School’s Analyst Competition, where they made it through to the second round regional heats.

This prestigious competition is run by the RSC's Analytical Division and challenges teams of up to three students to work together to solve challenges and answer questions, which test their knowledge and practice of Chemistry.

As part of this, our students completed four analytical practicals in our specialist Chemistry labs, where they had to determine the contents and quantity of substances found in ingredients used in a Fish & Chip shop.

The tests that they carried out required them to determine the following:

  • The types of Amino Acid found in different types of flour used to make batter.
  • The concentration of acid in vinegar.
  • The sugar content of potatoes used to make chips.
  • The decomposition of baking soda used when making cakes.

Commenting on his students’ participation in the competition, Paul Yates, Course Leader for Chemistry said: “A massive congratulations to the winning team at HNC – Lottie Thorpe, Sophie Bowers and Jessica Shore! The students completed the practicals to a very high standard and should be very proud of how well they did. I’d also like to say a massive thank you to our Science technicians Janine, Ezzeddin and Jess who prepared and tested everything to make sure that the practicals worked. Without them we wouldn’t have been able to run the competition.”

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Chemistry - RSC comp 2022


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