A Level Music and Musical Theatre students recently presented ‘We Will Rock You!’ twice as their final end of year showcase production

Structured around Queen’s greatest hits, ‘We Will Rock You!’ takes place in a dystopia where live musical instruments have been replaced by computer generated music. Everyone wears the same clothes, thinks the same thoughts and exists in a brain-dead haze. In this world, a small group of Bohemians struggle to restore freedom of thought and live music. Two Bohemians, Galileo and Scaramouche, find Rock’s Holy Grail, in the form of Brian May’s guitar, buried in the remains of Wembley Stadium, and bring freedom of thought and live music back to the planet. Hoorah!

Ethan Marescaux excelled as Galileo, as did Hannah Lawton and Libby James, who shared the role of Scaramouche across the two performances. All three were wonderfully supported by other cast members from both year 12 and year 13 Musical Theatre and by a live band, conducted by Thom Meredith from Kirklees Music School, and featuring HNC’s Music teacher, Jo Love, and Singing Teacher, Aaron Newland-Bentley, on keyboards.

Joanna Gray, Dance teacher, and Mark Johnson, Musical Theatre teacher, who worked with the students on this production, had this comment to make, “This was an exciting and challenging production, which allowed all students to showcase all the skills that they have been developing this year, in a 2 hour performance extravaganza. The show was extremely entertaining and demonstrated the depth of talent which exists within Music and Musical Theatre at HNC; definitely some bright futures ahead in London’s Westend for these students”